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Canada and Australia are among the best places in the world to live, according to a quality of life measure from several leading international organisations that compared rich industrialised nations. Therefore, many people are considering relocating to Canada and Australia for their family’s better life. However, people often overlook the important thing that the social system, culture, business opportunities and natural environment of both countries are totally different. As a result, people make a mistake in selecting the right country for their family and then regret their decision after they relocate to another country already.

Another issue in relation to the immigration process is that Canadian and Australian immigration laws are a very complex area and many of their legislation, rules and regulation have been changed and developed at a very fast pace. Hence, it is quite difficult to understand detail requirements for each subclass and category of relevant immigration law for the people who don’t have an immigration law background.

Since we witnessed this problem we decided to assist our clients in selecting the right place for them while endeavouring to give the most credible and accurate legal advice. We are not only a Certified Immigration Consultant of Canada but also a Registered Migration Agent of Australia and, on top of that, the management team of Bestway Consulting have wide and diverse experience as immigrants themselves in Australia, Canada and USA. Hence, we can give you advice in choosing the right country for you in accordance with various factors including education, occupation, business background and personal preference and also provide best professional and personal care to you.

Furthermore, Bestway Consulting also monitors the immigration legislation, rules and regulation for any changes and observes the political air to anticipate any possible change that might impact on our clients. By using our service, you are guaranteed by the level of a top-class legal and financial education, experience and professional responsibility that our management team possesses.