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Changes for the Australian Working Holiday Visa Programme

2016-01-01 21:57
Changes for the Working Holiday Visa Programme

Australia’s Working Holiday Maker visa programme has two types of visas according to the applicant’s citizenship: Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) and Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462). These visas are for young people aged 18-30 to have an extended holiday in Australia and earn money through short-term employment. These working holiday visas generally allow you to stay and work in Australia for up to 12 months.

For the Working Holiday visa holder there can be a chance to extend the period of 12 months (applying for the second Working Holiday visa) if you do 88 days specified work in regional Australia.

What’s changing? (After 31 August 2015)

For the specified work after 31 August 2015, the applicants should submit pay slips that cover each day of work for the application for a second Working Holiday visa.  For more information about pay slips, go to:

For more information about pay, and to use the ‘Pay Calculator’, go to:

If you volunteer to help specified work, you won’t be able to count it towards 88 days specified work if you start the volunteer work after 31 August 2015.

You will be able to count volunteer works for the specified work done before 31 August 2015 towards 88 days specified work.

If you completed volunteer work before 31 August that counts as specified work, you can count these days towards 88 days specified work if you apply for the second Working Holiday visa.

~ Extracted from Australian migration blog


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